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Texas Plans To Emulate Japan's Bullet Trains For 90 Minute Route From Houston To Dallas |

Young eyes with urban outlook - Times Union

Anna LeClair, 13, of O Parker and the Houston delegation came not only to ride on the train traveling more than 150 mph, but to see if Japan Central Railway can replicate its success in the Lonestar State. The goal is to have the bullet train built and running by 2020. There are still major hurdles to clear, some of which include building the tracks, the cars, and acquiring the land. "This is one of the projects that's transformational. It will change Texas.
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Though his technology teacher and project adviser Max Corbett admitted he was ready to give up on the broken gears and frustrating system, Sundaramoorthy refused to leave the project that he and his friends had spent more than three months working on incomplete. "He spliced new wires and made it work," Corbett said. "They really had to learn how to work together." Mont Pleasant Middle School team members Chase Steenburgh and Chad Arjoon can relate, having gotten the idea for an aquaponics agriculture system using plants and fish from a clip they had seen on The Disney Channel. The two then had to convince fellow Schenectady students that their plan could spark an entire city, and hopefully lead to a prize. "We know it was sustainable and interesting," said 13-year-old Arjoon.
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