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Picking Out Straightforward Solutions For G Scale Garden Railroad

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TMAC Resources Provides Results of Regional Till Sampling Program at Hope Bay

The presence of synvolcanic intrusions has been recognized as being significant in Archean greenstone gold districts for localizing gold mineralization. The other dispersal train in the Qaiqtuq area is approximately 300 metres wide and extends down-ice for one kilometre with gold grain values up to 158 grains per 10 kg sample. This dispersal is associated with a high iron-titanium basalt which is a primary geological and geochemical control for gold mineralization at the Doris Mine. QAMANIQ AREA The Qamaniq target area is 10 kilometres southwest of the Naartok Deposit and 1.5 kilometres west of a significant belt-scale flexure in stratigraphy and a jog in the HBDZ. The geology of the Qamaniq area consists of felsic to intermediate volcanoclastic rocks, with pillowed and variolitic basaltic rocks all intruded by a series of synvolcanic and late-gabbroic intrusions. Two second-order structures are interpreted as splays off, and associated with the belt-scale jog in the HBDZ. The 2016 survey yielded a localized gold-in-till anomaly with total gold grain values from two samples collected 60 metres apart totalling 654 and 605 grains per 10-kg sample, respectively, with over 90% of the grains observed as pristine morphologically suggesting limited glacial transport distance from source. As part of TMACs 2017 exploration program, a detailed evaluation of the area immediately up-ice and adjacent to these highly anomalous till samples will be conducted. KAMIK/POGEY AND INIT AREAS The TMAC 2016 till sampling program in the Kamik/Pogey area returned, three isolated, highly anomalous gold-grain in till values (1,150, 115, and 64 gold grains per 10 kg sample), although no extensive systematic dispersal trains were defined. Only one till sample from the Init area returned an anomalous 64 gold grains (52 pristine).Insightful tangent, there is definitely some terrific Lionel trains connected material about the G scale trains topic by and large, with specific emphasis on Lionel trains; you'll find the site from here: just click model railroad hobbyist.


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Model trains bring fun, history to The Old Cannery in Sumner | The News Tribune

(The trains) are like toddlers youve got to keep your eyes on them. JT Gehrke, animation technician at The Old Cannery Its a lot of electronic work, said Gehrke, whos been working at The Cannery for a month now. (The trains) are like toddlers youve got to keep your eyes on them. Gehrke, a retired police sergeant and firefighter, doesnt have prior model train experience like Bono and the third technician, Dennis Reeve. But hes been catching on quickly, according to his coworkers. Hes a get-it-done guy, Bono said. I just give him the tools and hes off and going. Reeve is an active member of a model railroad club, Bono a former member. I started model-railroading seriously in 1990, said Reeve, 70. My favorite is building things constructing and detailing things to go on the layout. I started model-railroading seriously in 1990. My favorite is building things constructing and detailing things to go on the layout. Dennis Reeve, animation technician at The Old Cannery Growing up in Hoboken, New Jersey, Bono was used to trains surrounding him, fostering his interest in locomotives, and eventually, authentic train models.

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